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All of the classesEdit

A basic overview of classes and stats

There are 6 basic stats you can put points into as you level up.

Strength (increases physical attack)

Dexterity (increases critical rate and dodge, also decreases cast time)

Intelligence (increases magic attack of spells)

WIL (increases the amount of mana you have, increases your defense to spells)

Constitution (increases your health)

Charisma (you need charisma to use soldiers whom you can command)

Kingdom Heroes has four basic classes that can be advanced once level 120


Fencer can duel wield short swords and bows very efficiently, via their skills are based with the principle. Most of their skills depend on Dexterity. They can command 4 soldiers if their Charisma is high enough.


Warriors are the muscle, depending on Strength for attack, Constitution for health so as to not die, and Dexterity can be put in for attack speed and critical hit rate. They can command 2 soldiers if their Charisma is high enough.


Tacticians are the healers, yet can still do damage. Intelligence increases the attack of their attack spells, while WIL increases the effectiveness of healing spells. They can command 6 soldiers if their Charisma is high enough.

Conjurer: Conjurer's are the ranged magic damage dealers. Alike to the tactician they use Intelligence for attack, but instead of healing they use WIL to increase their mana.(Mana is needed to cast spells) They can command 2 soldiers if their Charisma is high enough.

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