Quest are the main source of exp and money well there is always afk grinding but they give you good exp and money but quest can be gotten when you are in a certain level.

Starting QuestEdit

The starting quest in kingdom heroes gives you information on how to do quest,equip items,key controls,soldiers(did not teach you that soldiers need weapons and armors ),how to use skills,attributes and lastly talent.

City QuestEdit

City quest are quest that you can get when you enter a city and then check available tab on the quest window and look for the city name that you are in.

Skill QuestEdit

Skill quest are quest that can be seen in youre available tab without even going in a city this gives you skill tomes for skills.

Permit QuestEdit

Permit quest are quest that gives you permit to use siege weapons (some quest may require you to pay money).

Exercise QuestEdit

Exercise quest are quest for events.

Whole Quest or Bravery QuestEdit

Whole quest or Bravery quest gives you bravery and good money and exp you can take this quest when you are above 40 and you get 4 bravery each quest at 40 you can only accomplish 8 quest but when you get 80 they will add more quest. the two places to do level 40 quests are Runan and Hefei. These quests can only be done in a guild and some guilds like shinobie (promethius) reward their players for doing these quests.

Boss QuestEdit

Boss quest are quest that requires you some arrow badges (bronze black or silver) and you will talk to a npc that will summon a boss you are required to kill it